Why do we need a six monthly reset as a student?

My experiences as an international student and how travel helped me with my academic burnout

Why do we need a six monthly reset as a student?
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It has been about a year since I moved to the United States. This is my second master's; already through with an MBA and have a couple of years of work experience. In the past while working, I have usually taken long breaks every six months. These are generally in the form of solo trips, staycations or even more self pampering trips with friends and family.

All of this and more has helped me stay the course for the last few years. I have consciously planned these trips almost a year in advance in most cases. This has helped me plan my leaves in advance and also secure great prices and deals.

Earlier this year I moved to New York City. I thought this was going to be a cakewalk. After nine years of staying in Mumbai by myself and acing it, I thought it would not be a challenging experience. However, I was proven wrong super quickly; from setting up the apartment single-handedly to cooking three times a day, doing other household chores, and then finally studying, applying for jobs and performing at both work and school was a lot for me. You are not quite far from your loved ones, and everything seems to be falling apart, and things are expensive.

When all of this was happening, I wondered when would I be able to bounce back from the stress. I took a short getaway with my friends a few weeks into the program, and it felt like a great reset. Another semester down, I took a three-week trip back home, and now I feel super recharged to take on a couple of more months of grinding. It has helped me reconnect with the people I love, spend more time with family and maintain healthy relationships with everyone. Moreover, this reset has also helped me stay afloat, sleep better, and experience something new at the same time.

However, things are a little tricky as a student. There is an enormous rent you are already probably paying, and everything is super expensive. If you know you are heading for a master's program and will not be earning for a while.

You can definitely plan all of this in advance. Set aside some money beforehand for every six months of travel. Get an excellent student-friendly credit card which gives you deals and discounts on bookings. Take advantage of being a student. many restaurants and bus tickets are cheaper for students when you show them your college ID. Plan your travel, you would already know when your college will have a break. Use this information to plan six months to one year in advance to make the most of it. If you have a premium card, use those miles and points efficiently.

It does not always have to be luxury travel. You need a few days of reset where you are not working on your laptop, have minimum screen time, and are learning from the stories of the people you meet. I will soon share some resources which may help you as a student and get that six monthly reset which will help you take your flight (in life and otherwise).

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