Why students should get a credit card!

From building your credit history to saving up on little things through cashback and rewards - it is super critical if you are a student to have a credit card of your own. Read on to know why!

Dhairya Sathvara
Dhairya Sathvara

This is going to be a slightly longish post. However, I will put down my experience here of having a credit card as a student.

Now, you will hear a lot of cons. These include overshooting budget, hidden fees, credit card fees, and so on, which are meant to deter you from getting a credit card.
I am working for the last four years, and still, my parents don't encourage the use of Credit Card very often.

A lot of it comes from the rooted cultural bias. India is a country of people who save & spend or borrow for essential needs like housing and education (loans). it is time we start breaking these cultural bias and move towards building a stronger financial future.