Time to travel again?

On restarting my blog, new stories and experiences as well as credit card trivia.

Time to travel again?
Photo by Matteo Catanese / Unsplash

It has been a while since I have written something on this blog.

One of the reasons I could not write is because I also moved countries and tried my shot at restarting a new life. It has been hectic, tiring, very unique and intimidating.

I wanted to keep writing this blog month after month; however, I could not find enough motivation to keep continuing. We are living in COVID times - people are not going anywhere, and perhaps it does not make sense to post about something which is another piece of content on the internet without any relevance.

Last week I realised maybe it makes sense to keep continuing. Not because you as readers will learn about something new - instead, it becomes a travel journal for me to reflect on, year after year, about stories that inspired me and memories that I have made along the way.

However, this also means a lot of new content and new credit cards. So let me give this another shot and see where this goes - my musings, credit card trivia, hotels and lifestyle. I will also try to add some local and new content to this blog.

It has been over two years since COVID-19 came into our lives. Two years plus of planning and forecasting to even fly back to my home country. Unfortunately, the current political landscape makes things even more difficult for travellers, and I hope in such moments of crisis, travel becomes more accessible than before. What is certain is that we would never be able to travel the same way.

So, here's to new stories and memories together at The Local Postcards.
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