Swipe to snip: AMEX Plat offering cashback on Salon Services

Swipe to snip: AMEX Plat offering cashback on Salon Services

As of last week, the AMEX Platinum team has been generous with a few offers. I am going to cover all of them this week. However, suppose you ever lose track of multiple posts on The Local Postcards, then, in that case, you can always go to the page below, which has all the offers put up in a consolidated manner.

American Express: 2021 Best Offers
Find the best offers for all your American Express Credit Cards in India. A comprehensive list of the best offers for 2021.

Back to the offer now. Amex Platinum is offering a hundred per cent cashback on Salon services up to INR 2500 from Truefitt & Hill and Silhouette Salon. This is part of the revised benefits for the American Express Platinum Charge Card (A post for which is due soon).

You can use this offer by simply clicking on 'Save the offer' once you log in to your Amex account. Valid until the end of June, so hopefully, one has time to redeem this once the cities start opening up (COVID disrupting regular lives again, argh!)Once you swipe the card at these locations, a 100% cashback will be issued within five working days.

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