Massive cashback offer from AMEX for their Platinum Charge Cardholders

The first big offer of the year on American Express Platinum Charge Card is here. What's in it for you?

Massive cashback offer from AMEX for their Platinum Charge Cardholders

If you hold the American Express Platinum Charge Card in India, then you are in for a real treat. AMEX has announced that they will be providing more value from on the Platinum card by giving a cashback of about INR 27,500, which is almost about 40% of the card fee.

The offer is valid on the following merchants: Bigbasket, Croma, Ethos watch boutique, Flipkart and Zomato. Moreover, the offer is valid until July, so there is quite a lot of time to redeem the cashback rewards.

I would say this is not a bad offer. Since the pandemic began, I was able to get cashback worth INR 33,000 (excluding the current cashback offer) which includes their earlier cashback offer on retail spending and spends on Apple App Store and Google Playstore and the Small Shop cashback offer.

This means only through cash backs; I could recover about 45% of the card fee. At present, my first year with using AMEX Platinum is over, and I will be posting a detailed review this week. However, I am contemplating if it makes sense to spend a whopping INR72,000 on a credit card.

The current cashback offer of about 27,500 makes it easier. Considering there might be more travel this year because of things getting eased up and lesser travel restrictions and opening up of more air routes and lounges it may make sense.
However, I will think until the very last week and decide if I will be going ahead with it. What would you all suggest me to do? Please feel free to discuss the same in the comment section below.

In case you want to apply for any of the AMEX cards visit this link to know about the current offers.

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